Marketing Automation

By the time it hits your sales reps’ desk, the lead should be hot!

Most companies don’t think of automating their marketing, however, letting technology do all the heavy lifting up front is the smartest way to acquire and target hot prospects.

Imagine you have a product or service that requires a little training on the part of your sales and marketing department. (If you have a large brochure, it might be an indication.) Now imaging your prospects finding your website and being able to subscribe to a short series of emails that will educate them automatically by “dripping” branded graphical emails for a few days or a week – timed according to your product or service. They get training and get a branding impression every day your email hits their inbox!

This is what we refer to as marketing automation and the reason it is great is that your sales reps can see who is very interested in your product or services before they make the first call. Using a combination of well designed emails and our back-end tracking, you can smash your competition! This is a powerful way to use Touchpoint’s email marketing solutions.

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