Enterprise Email Marketing

Our Specialty…

Designed with the needs of medium and large enterprises in mind, our enterprise email marketing team has been around since the inception of our company in 2000. We execute campaigns on a daily basis for our medium and large enterprise clients.

Your dedicated email marketing account rep helps you with any and all of the following:

  • Customized Design – email newsletters, alerts, invitations, you name it
  • Database Management – database filtering, upload, retrieval
  • Deliverability Issues – help with sticky delivery issues
  • Legal Issues – questions about spam laws? We can help!
  • Custom Landing Pages – custom landing page design, data capture pages, etc.
  • Quick Turn Around – most emails can be turned around within a day
  • Assistance When You Need It – Any time, we are here, you have the number.

Get the details…

Shared Access allows you to delegate what users can and can’t do.

In an enterprise environment, you have many players with many roles. Allow support staff and sales teams to only get to the functions they need, such as email tracking and statistics, without allowing them to send or see lists they are not supposed to see. Marketing folks may have access to everything from list management to sending emails. Bosses may just want the big picture. With Touchmialer’s shared access function, you have control – and keep control!

Web Based System

Access from anywhere at any time with our secure web-based system.

Your Branding, Our Know How

We understand that large Enterprises have strict brand guidelines. Our designs take that into account down the evey last detail. From color and image usage, to fonts, we make sure your email looks perfect in your recipients’ email inbox.

Customized Newsletters, Invitations, eAlerts

Any type of email you can think of, we have designed for our clients. If your enterprise needs a quick invitation with a registration database, we can do it, quickly and cost effectively. Newsletters and quick e-Alerts? We add your branding and launch them for you, you can track the results.

Quick Turn Around

Most of our client’s newsletter projects can be designed, tested and sent within a day. Shorter email alerts can be turned around within an hour or 2. We are your support staff and even if you can’t get your in house web design staff to help, we are at your beck and call.

Assistance When You Need It

You will be able to call or email your dedicated enterprise email marketing account representative any time during the day. We also monitor requests into the evening hours and can often helpthen as well.

Custom Landing Pages

A large part of email marketing is the call to action. Many times this means directing them to a landing page that is not a normal page on your enterprise website. We help by designing landing pages to your specifications. Additionally, we can incorporate interactivity, auto-responders, and database driven registration forms.