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Custom Email Newsletters – The best way to keep in touch!

Email newsletters are the best way to build relationships with your customers, prospects or members. Imagine, at the push of a button, being able to immediately send your information to all of your list. Your broadcast emails will be custom branded and professionally designed.

For almost every organization, our email newsletter service is the best way to keep in touch with customers, members, and associates. Email newsletters provide a great branding impression as well as make it very easy notify customers and members of news, events, new products, etc. Using our Touchmailer system, you will be able to track who has opened your newsletter, clicked on which links, and responded to surveys and questions.

Our email newsletter options includes:

  • Email Newsletter Design – We custom design your email newsletter every time. Send us your text and images and we will design your newsletter and handle sending it through our secure online system, as well as consult with you about delivery, effectiveness, etc.
  • Newsletter Writing (if needed) – let our professional newsletter writers research your topics and write your newsletter for you. We will then take the content and build and send your email newsletter for you.
  • Email List Building and Management – What’s a newsletter without a list? Let us help you build a list that is responsive by automating list signup from your website.
  • Graphic Design – Your newsletter would be boring without graphics! Our top notch graphic designers will make it pop!
  • Tracking – Lets you see who opened and is interested in your content.

Working with a reputable email marketing company such as Touchpoint Energized Communications ensures that your email deliverability is high and that you get your message through. From individual email marketing campaigns and email newsletters, our complete full service email solution, we can assist you with all of your opt in email marketing needs.

Full Service or Self Service?

With our full service email newsletter service, send us your text and pictures and we build the newsletter for you, load it into our system, manage your databases, and broadcast it, all the while making sure it is optimized for deliverability. You can log in to see tracking and results. This is a great option for large marketing departments that need one point of conact to keep email branding unified across the organization or for execution of more complex email designs and strategies.

For companies who need a do it yourself email newsletter solution, Touchmailer self service is a great option that enables you to build and send branded emails without the knowledge of HTML. You still get the same great email tracking, database management tools, and access to all real time reporting and tools.

Our online email newsletter service allows you to:

  • Upload or build your email list automatically.
  • Keep it up to date automatically
  • Broadcast your graphical email to all or part of your list
  • Delay your email broadcasts
  • Stay CAN SPAM compliant
  • Track who has read the HTML version of your email and how many times
  • Track who has clicked on your email
  • Survey your members, customers, or prospects
  • Track deliverability and make adjustments by recipient domain

Don’t have time to write your newsletter? Let us write it for you!

Our staff of top writers will research your articles as well as interview top knowledge holders in your company (if needed) to put together a concise and well written publication you can be proud of. This is a great way to get your newsletter professionally written while saving your marketing folks time. This is just one more part of the total email marketing solution that Touchpoint Energized Communications offers.

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