If done correctly, email marketing is by far the most cost effective means of marketing to your potential customers. Broadcast email can be used to reinforce your brand, build customer relationships, and build your customer’s knowledge about your products and services.

The following points can help ensure that your email marketing campaign is as effective as it can be.

  • Frequency – Depending on type of email (eNewsletter, event invitation, special offer), frequency is an important factor. Newsletters should be sent on a monthly basis to reinforce your company’s brand, while event or special offer invitations might need to be sent twice a week leading up to the deadline.
  • Eye-catching design – When your recipient opens your email, you have roughly 5 seconds or less for them to decide to keep reading. Your broadcast email should not look like everyone else’s. To set your company apart, use custom designed graphical emails, which will reinforce your brand identity and build goodwill. Use fewer words and more graphics to get your point across quickly.
  • Personalization – What do people love to hear more than anything else? Their name! Personalize your emails to give them that feeling of having a relationship with you and your organization. *This requires a little more work on your part during your list building process, but the payoff is worth it.
  • Timely and valuable information – Make your emails valuable to your customers. If you don’t keep your emails interesting and relevant, you readers will unsubscribe. We have a building supply customer who says his customers tell him they run their business by the information in his newsletters! That’s keeping it relevant!
  • Call to action – if your email has a specific offer tied to it, provide a clear call to action for the recipient to take. If you are offering a new product, have a graphic that says CLICK HERE to learn more, or if you are putting on a seminar, offer specific instructions for registration. Give them a reason to act quickly. Ask them to DO IT NOW because it may be your last chance to have your offer in front of them.
  • Well-designed landing pages – a landing page is a place where your recipients can go to learn more about your offer, or read more about your subject. These are typically pages on your website, but can be other things like surveys and registration forms, etc. Landing pages can also act as feedback to you and show you what your audience is interested in through the use of email tracking.
  • Tracking – Not many people know this, but you are being watched! With today’s internet-based email systems, senders can see who has opened their email, who has clicked through to which links on your website, who has sent it to friends, etc. This helps you to quickly determine who might be interested in your offer or newsletter and who is not. This is one of the key reasons why email marketing is so cost effective! No other medium can track a marketing campaign in real time like broadcast email. This is a great way to narrow a list from many cold leads to a few hot prospects.
  • Good list building and maintenance procedures – Even if you don’t have an email list now, it’s not too late to start. Depending on your organization, there are many different ways to build your list. If you have an organization that has a customer service or sales department, have those reps ask for email addresses when they make contact. If you have a website, offer incentives if they sign up for your newsletter (they will be added to your database automatically). If you have a retail store or restaurant, offer a birthday gift if they sign up for your list (emails can be automatically triggered to them on their birthday). There are many ways to do this, the key is to make it a priority to start – and make it fun!
  •  NO SPAM! – When obtaining email addresses for your list, make sure your recipients know that you will never sell or give away your email addresses. Likewise, it is not smart to broadcast email to other people’s lists unless they have asked specifically for your information. The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 must be complied with at all times, meaning your email should clearly state who it is from, have your mailing address and contact information on the email, and have a clear unsubscribe option at the bottom.

Touchpoint’s customers range from multinational corporations and government agencies, to local membership organizations. Services range from full-service (done for you) to do-it-yourself options and include email marketing strategy, email design, professional newsletter writing, auto-responders, list building, database maintenance, CAN SPAM compliance, and newsletter language translation.