Email Marketing Solutions

From brilliant email marketing strategy to precise execution, our email marketing solutions help you achieve your goals.

Touchpoint Energized Communications offers a turn-key email marketing solutions that help your organization in every aspect of your email marketing efforts. Our web-based email marketing solutions handles everything from strategy of your email marketing efforts to design of your emails, from housing your email list and CRM database to handling bounces and unsubscribes automatically, from systematically sending your broadcast emails to tracking email results, from deliverability consulting to bounce reporting, we hold your hand through the entire process or any part you need.


If you are not sure how email marketing or eNewsletters can help your organization, we can help devise a plan that harnesses the power of broadcast email to achieve your goals. Our proven 5 step method ensures that your return on investment (ROI) will be the highest of any other medium on the planet – GUARANTEED.


Regardless of the purpose of your broadcast email (newsletter, invitation, survey, or announcement) your emails design is paramount to getting your email read and separating your from the other garbage that ends up in your recipients email inbox. Your organization’s email design should be unique to your organization, not some overused canned template with your logo slapped on it.

Email List Management

Your email lists are your organization’s life blood. They are your prospects, members, customers, and friends. We give you the tools to automate building your email list, upload existing lists, segment your lists across an unlimited number of demographics or segment your list according to your customers’ actions and interests.

In addition to the email address, each contact record in our system has a slot for name, postal address, phone, fax, birthday (for automated birthday greetings), sex, and more, as well as up to 50 “flex fields” which can contain information specific to your organization – Things such as customer number, product interests, wife’s name, or sales rep. Any of this data can then be merged into your email mailings for a level of personalization second to none.

Crafting Your Email

Whether you sign up for our full service or self service option – or even a hybrid of both, your email will look great. For busy marketers, or for complex email concepts, designs, and layouts, send us your wording and graphics and we will custom design your mailing, send you the mockup, and tweak it until it is ready to be sent. With our self service email option, you will have custom email templates at your disposal which will match your branding and will allow people with no knowledge of HTML to build emails which will set your organization apart – while still harnessing the power of our online email broadcast and tracking engine.

Sending Your Email

Once your email is designed and ready to go, it is sent using our Touchmailer advanced email transmission system. This system can handle up to 1 million outbound emails per hour. Additionally, the system allows for sending to partial lists and split testing. It also keeps track of to whom your email has been sent, allowing broadcast of your email and then sending later to additional names if you don’t have your entire list together at first.

Email Results Tracking

What would an email marketing solution be without great tracking? See who has opened and read your email, how many times they read it, who has clicked on links, what links they clicked on, who has forwarded to friends, etc. Drill down on all of this data to see individual recipient activity. Then create new lists based on this activity to do further email communications or download this data for use internally for sales reps to follow up via telephone or to mail direct mail campaigns.