Broadcast Email Delivery

If your email doesn’t get through, it doesn’t get seen!

Email deliverability is paramount to a great email campaign and is an important part of any great email marketing solution. That’s why Touchpoint Energized Communications prides itself on the best email delivery system on the planet.

No matter if your organization has a list of 500 or 500,000, when you pull the trigger you want every email to slide through firewalls and spam filters to their destination.

Watch your wording! Spam filters throw up a red flag when they see certain words. Touchpoint’s email marketing solution sifts through your entire email to point out words that you might want to change before your broadcast to enable the best deliverability.

Some company email firewalls will see many emails coming through at the same time and redirect them into the spam folder. In this case, we dial back the delivery speed to that URL so that your emails get through.

Going on vacation? Set the email delivery system to deliver at a future date – hours or days ahead.

A/B Testing is a great way to test your marketing message. At Touchpoint, we offer the ability to load up your list, or a portion of it, and split it to enable you to test 2 marketing emails against each other. We then track the results and broadcast the most effective email to the remaining portion of your list.

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