Email Autoresponders

Your marketing on autopilot !

Email autoresponders are the best way to carry a visitor of your website down an educational sales path. Imagine lining up a series of predesigned emails which, at predetermined times are sent to your prospects. Every time, a branding impression is transmitted, and a bond to your brand is formed.

When a visitor comes to your site, they have an opportunity to opt in to this special series of emails which could be about anything – a specific product you offer, your service, a seminar, free information, etc. After they give you their email address, the autoresponder sequence begins putting your marketing on cruise control.

With every email, Touchpoint Energized Communications email tracking system logs who are the most interested parties opening your emails. You can then follow up with a sales call or direct mail piece – multi-channel marketing at its best!

After an email autoresponder series is complete, recipients can be added to your regular email newsletter schedule.

Just another way our email marketing solutions can benefit your organizaton.