This classic M.C. Escher drawing may leave you scratching your head. The idea of writing a company blog post on how to find topics for company blog posts may seem a bit circular, too!  Nevertheless, generating timely, relevant content for post after post can be a daunting prospect. Hopefully the following suggestions will prevent this task from seeming perpetually “uphill.”

Ask and listen. Find out what your customers are talking about. Do they have questions? Write posts that answer them.  Competitor blogs and comment sections are great places to find out issues central to your industry.  Don’t copy anyone else’s content, of course – just use the info as a source of insight. Find out what your target market wants to know, and write about those topics.

Focus on media. Image-rich content is a great way to draw in your readers. Write blog posts that center around relevant videos and photos. You could take pictures at your next trade show or event and post them with commentary, or search YouTube for an industry-related video. The visual learners among your readership will appreciate your efforts.

Explore your company’s story.  Your blog is the perfect place to share insight, mission statements, and nuggets of company culture. Highlight success stories, offer background on products and services, explore charities and causes your company supports, and provide real-time news updates. A touch of humor doesn’t hurt, either!

Use lists and charts. A snappy graph or a “Top Ten” list detailing industry trends, challenges and solutions will be sure to win you some “data points.” Lists are great for SEO, too!

Ask the robot. Take advantage of curation and search programs designed to help you find fresh content. Soovle is a useful tool that suggests topics based on a keyword – just input one of your common SEO terms for a whole range of ideas. For broader inspiration, try AllTop, a news aggregator that lets you explore the most popular posts on the web at any given time. You should also check out top forums for your industry – sort the threads by “number of responses” to see the most hotly-debated topics.

Finding blog topics in a world of information overload will always be a little daunting – but hopefully these tips will help you wade through some of the clutter and generate valuable content. Your company blog should end up making more sense than an Escher drawing, anyway.