Email List Building

Build, Segment, Suppress. Depending on your goals, we can help!

Your email list is your most powerful marketing tool. Once built, you can target your subscribers with personalized emails, tailored to their interests, at the push of a button.

If you have a small email list, or don’t have one at all, building an email list can be a daunting task. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start.

Touchpoint Energized Communications is here to help. Our Touchmailer system allows your web designers to put an interactive button on your website so that when visitors visit your site, they can sign up to receive more information or newsletters from you. Their information is automatically added to one or more of your newsletters or email alert lists.

This automates the sign up process and eliminates the need for you to keep a separate list in-house and load it up to the Touchmailer email marketing system.

You should ask for e-mail addresses on your site’s homepage and landing pages, as well as in other media channels. The Touchmailer system then triggers a thank-you e-mail to validate the address. Asking for an e-mail address is the first step in building a valuable list.

Uses of this tool are nearly limitless. Sign up forms can initiate a series of email auto responders which can send drip emails designed to educate your subscribers about your products or services or inform them about news and events.

If you have a retail location, you might wish to ask your visitors to write down their email addresses and contact information. These can then be keyed into a Microsoft excel spreadsheet to import into the Touchmailer system.

Whether your visitors are physical or virtual, offer them something of value for their email address. Their time and attention is increasingly valuable and you should clearly state the benefits they will get from receiving your information – whether it be special pricing or even a freebie of some type.