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July 2019

Dear Reader,

Ever since our humble beginnings in 1999, HighGear has emerged as a company committed to making workflow approachable for non-technical users, in a multitude of private, public, and government sectors.

No matter the nature of each individual’s role -- or whether they’re internal or external to an organization -- we’re here to help everybody do business better, and achieve a higher level of satisfaction in their relationships, transactions, and day-to-day activities in the marketplace at large.

We want to share with you what we’ve learned in the past 20 years so that you, too, can keep everyone happy; bring value to the world in your own unique way; and at your full potential.

This issue of our newsletter, “How to Streamline the Customer Experience,” is the first in a series that explores how workflow automation can help an organization optimize business processes, improve visibility and streamline operations.

In this month's customer case study, we show how we helped a multi-billion-dollar, Fortune 1,000 integrated communications and logistics company streamline their digital publication processes with No-Code Workflow Automation.

Never stop improving!

Vaughn Thurman
CEO | HighGear


Are you doing everything you can to streamline the customer experience?

At HighGear, it's critical for our financial services, insurance, energy and government customers to comply with industry regulations.

If processes break down or systems fail, the stakes are extremely high for organizations in heavily-regulated industries.

Learn what’s really at stake for an organization like yours and how workflow automation can keep operations running smoothly...


A financial services organization has to deliver financial or legal document(s) after an important transaction happens. There’s a need for specific documentation to fulfill regulatory requirements, and it all has to go through a specific approval process -- which means the documentation must be ready for audit when that time comes.

What’s at stake:
The end customer could lose money or other assets; face financial penalties; or even be held accountable for illegalities.


An insurance company must produce and disclose reports to the state insurance compliance division that measure data, describe those metrics, and show results. Some of the data could likely become public, and/or turn into an aggregated public metric.

The data comes from one (or more) source(s), and must route through an approval process -- sometimes more than once -- before approval and delivery of the report to the state entity.

What’s at stake:
Penalties. Bad public data, which can affect legislative decisions. Loss of license, which would lead to many suddenly uninsured customers.


An energy utility company must expand highly regulated infrastructure -- such as a pipeline -- that requires negotiation of a complex system of pre-established lines and authorities. For example, the pipeline must cross someone else’s pipeline; privately-owned land; enter the jurisdiction of multiple local towns; and the land of indigenous people.

In order to get approval to build the pipeline, all parties involved must come to formal, documented agreements with the company. In turn, the contracts require fulfillment of many detailed commitments upon implementation -- such as maintaining the levy; checking water quality each quarter; donating to the community’s schools or other infrastructure initiatives; and more. Tens of thousands -- and up to millions -- of tasks and details must be tracked.

What’s at stake:
People’s homes and communities. Access to clean water, power and other basic needs. The environment. Major lawsuits. Millions of dollars.


A military unit stationed abroad must handle large-scale logistics, such as tracking shipments of supplies from the government. When the goods arrive to the base, there are highly specific protocols to handle the materials in a certain way, depending on what they are -- as well as provide information to HQ back home on storage and distribution upon arrival (such as photographs of the things delivered, or other proof that protocols are followed).

What’s at stake:
Mismanagement of hazardous materials. Mismanagement of publicly funded supplies. Lives.

Are you doing everything you can to avoid disaster for YOUR customers, clients, and end users? How can YOU streamline the customer experience in your own organization before it’s too late?

Here’s a big hint:
Become a master at fulfillment management and tracking. Develop and document better processes of your product and service fulfillment. Eventually, they’ll become ingrained as best practices.

TIP #1

  • Allow customers to make their own requests.
  • Limit the possibilities for missing data.
  • Allow your customers to log into the system and see the status of their request. With the right system in place, you can allow them to only see certain things, and limit their functionality.
  • Prove you did it. Say, “Here’s the proof.”

TIP #2

  • Meet with all teams and do task discovery. Team members then work on their part, sometimes solo and sometimes together to complete the task. Is there a deliverable to the client? At what point do we need to alert accounting for billing? Should it integrate with the financial system? Automate multi-department collaboration from request to delivery to billing. Having a system in place ensures you don’t miss any steps.
  • If you master all of these day-to-day workflows, employees can focus on strategic things, and have time to think about new products and services that enhance the customer service experience.

TIP #3

  • Get client feedback throughout -- BEFORE there is a crisis. Stay in front of your clients’ needs.
  • Get final client approval in a timely way before you formally deliver the “project.”

TIP #4

  • Get everyone on the same page and make sure all needs are known in all departments.
  • Implement systems that automate workflows and avoid potential issues before they surface.



Transforming Digital Publication Processes with No-Code Workflow Automation

The services division of a global, multi-billion-dollar, Fortune 1,000 integrated communications and logistics company created a digital asset management tracking and distribution platform for book, magazine and periodical titles. Each month, the company converts more than 1,000 print-ready titles into digital-friendly formats for distribution to every major online content marketplace, e-book and mobile app platform worldwide. On any given day, more than 250 titles are in various stages of production, from FTP file uploads and team task assignments to digital content conversion and file approval processes prior to final circulation.


HighGear 8.3 Release Announcement

HighGear 8.3 brings your performance data to life with colorful new Dashboard capabilities. These simple yet powerful visualizations allow users to easily display real-time gauges, column charts, and pie charts to quickly view key performance indicators, monitor important metrics, and analyze business trends. All dashboards update in real time as work is completed to provide at-a-glance visibility into the status of operations across teams, projects, and departments. Dashboards are designed with ease-of-use in mind to help end users make sure their work is on track, allow managers to verify tasks are completed, and provide executives with a high-level overview into day-to-day business operations.

  • Self-hosted customers with an active maintenance agreement can immediately download the self-installing upgrade from the HighGear customer portal.
  • SaaS customers will be automatically upgraded to version 8.3 at 10pm on Saturday, July 6th. If you have any questions please contact
  • For support, please contact
  • For additional licenses or services, please contact



HighGear Welcomes New Staff

HighGear is growing quickly! Meet our latest staff additions...

Meet HighGear’s new Marketing Coordinator, JC Discaya. JC is artistic and likes to draw and paint. She is originally from the Philippines and grew up near jungles and mountains, which helps her appreciate all that nature offers.
HighGear is pleased to introduce our new Junior Software Engineer, Jesse Wright. Jesse enjoys hiking and road cycling around Frederick and Middletown. Jesse also has time to take care of his pasture-raised chickens.
HighGear is pleased to introduce our new Product Support Specialist, Bethany Harrell. Bethany is originally from Long Island, NY, and looks forward to working with her new colleagues.

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