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What is marketing automation?

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We hear the term all the time, but what is marketing automation?

In short, marketing automation refers to the process of capturing leads that come to your website or one of your landing pages, and then sending them marketing information through an automated CRM or email marketing system. Essentially, nurturing leads and prospects through an automated process that is effective and measurable.

We’ve all done it before. If you have filled out a form to get information, or a newsletter, or to register for a webinar, you have experienced a form of marketing automation.

For the business, it does 2 things. It captures lead information and it allows for ongoing communication and education about its products and services. The great thing about it is, it’s mostly on autopilot, and it’s targeted to the prospects interests. The business can also track the activity on the emails sent so it’s easy to see how well the marketing is working and what may need to be tweaked.

Marketing automation can be used for all types of businesses. Restaurants, salons, plumbers, service companies, and high tech firms can all use some type of marketing automation. It shortens the sales cycle and gives you a hand up on your competition. They end up having to play catch-up to your sales team.

How do you begin? If you have a FAQ on your company website, it can serve as a beginning for ideas for your marketing automation efforts.

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