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Custom Email Templates

If it’s not custom, it doesn’t set you apart! Our custom email templates will get you noticed.

Our custom email template design services ensure that your broadcast email set you apart from the crowd. Unlike most email systems where you have a limited number of canned templates to choose from, our designers use every aspect of your branding and web presence to craft an email that gets attention and gets read!

While in the design process, we talk to you and take into account the links on your website that make sense for a reader to see on your template. Then they are only a click away from important information on your website. Every link on your email is tracked so, if it is from the template or the body of the email, you will know what each recipient finds interesting.

We adhere to your branding specs and test your template in all major email clients to make sure it looks as it was designed to look in your subscriber’s inbox.

Custom email templates are just another way Touchpoint Energized Communications provides the best email marketing solutions for your organization.