Email Marketing for Colleges and Universities

The best way to recruit new students and keep in touch with alumni!

E-mail Marketing achieves 5 times the response rate of direct mail and 25 times the response rate of banner ads. This makes it the most effective way to increase sales, drive traffic and develop loyalty.

E-mail marketing is immediate! 85% of your responses will occur within the first 48 hours! In contrast, direct mail can take 6-8 weeks to see results. And the results of other traditional types of advertising are even harder to quantify.

Are you effectively using email addresses of potential students that are available to you?
Can you send them personalized graphical HTML emails which taut the strengths of your college or university, with pictures and links to online presentations, and without attachments? (Everything is right there for them to see when it is opened.)
Would you like to make sure the student is a good prospect BEFORE mailing expensive literature?

Would you like to repurpose your existing literature into an electronic format making it less expensive to distribute and easier to maintain?

Are potential students visiting your website? If so, can they help themselves to your best information, automatically?

Are you collecting their information so you can keep in contact with them throughout their decision making process?

If you need help with any of these issues, the answer is Touchpoint Energized Communications!

1) No hardware to maintain.
2) No software to purchase.
3) No need to bother your I.T. department…(unless you just want to say hello.)


  • Admissions Newsletters
  • Initial contact emails
  • Online Lead Capture
  • Enrollment Instructions
  • Online Surveys


  • Bounce handling
  • Email tracking
  • Read rate
  • Clickthru reporting
  • Custom templates
  • List building

The most economical and effective method for communication with potential and existing students is graphical mass email. There are 3 reasons:

  • Interactivity- get immediate results and feedback from recipients in a number of different ways including online surveys.
  • Graphical Format- assist in communicating your message in a way plain text cannot.
  • Cost Effectiveness – mass email can get in front of your audience for a fraction of the cost of one direct mail campaign, and it is more effective than direct mail pieces.

Touchpoint Energized Communications offers complete email marketing solutions for colleges and universities.