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Email Marketing Agency Pricing

Our email marketing agency pricing includes design, email list maintenance, and all online reporting for email campaigns. This includes read rate, number of people who opened your email, who clicked through to links on your email, bounces, and unsubscribes. All housed in your private space on our secure servers.

You may use us as often as you like depending on your email needs. Also we provide strategy for email design and development as well as list building strategies.

Of course all of our customers are different, and email marketing pieces differ greatly in design as well as their purpose. Some emails require landing pages and signup forms depending on if the email is a newsletter or an invitation.

Basic email marketing agency pricing is as follows…

Average E-Newsletter rates start at $500.00 per newsletter but they can go up from there depending on complexity and number of email addresses on your list. These are NOT your run-of-the-mill Constant Contact templates so don’t be confused. Ours are hand-crafted, custom designs that are tested to look great in all email inboxes.

Custom Email Invitations with landing pages for recipients to register for an event start at $1000.00. This includes custom database development for registration pages.

We work very hard to stay CAN-SPAM compliant and recommend you have your own list that is organically grown. Please do not ask us to send to your purchased list of 100,000 people because it will hurt you as well as our other customers.

Excellent deliverability is always our ultimate goal!

Please feel free to contact us to talk about your project.