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Inbound Marketing: The Butterfly Strategy

What’s the best way to catch a butterfly?

You could go out in a field with a net, run wildly after a lot of prospects, and hope that you’ll be able to chase one of them down. (This strategy is just like traditional outbound marketing – make lots of cold calls, advertise obsessively in print and other media, and pray that you eventually snag a customer or two.) Effective? Not always. Exhausting? Very.

On the other hand, you could catch lots and lots of butterflies with the inbound marketing approach. Just plant a garden of flowers, sit back, and watch as the butterflies come to you.

Inbound marketing has been gaining popularity in recent years – with good reason. Instead of trying to find customers via traditional advertising strategies like print, radio and TV ads, inbound marketing entices your customers to find you. An effective inbound marketing strategy provides great, relevant customer-friendly content –- and that content attracts potential customers to your product or service.

Great content is original, it’s thought-provoking, and it establishes your company as an expert on your particular subject. A savvy blog, an authoritative whitepaper series, or even an entertaining YouTube channel can create the magnetism you need to get consumers interested in your product. (An inbound marketing agency can help you create stellar content with strong customer appeal.) Your potential client base is online every day, looking for answers. Be their source.

Of course, you have to make your content easy to find. Search engine optimization is vital – make sure you have an SEO professional build your site, optimize it with the correct keywords, submit it to search engines, and handle the back-linking process. Your goal is high visibility. When your potential clients are looking for your services, you want to be the top option on the list.

Social media is an increasingly important piece of the inbound marketing picture, too. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social platforms allow you to quickly share quality content with a vast audience. Social media can spark valuable discussions, further business relationships and let you connect with potential clients effortlessly.

In the end, your inbound marketing strategy should attract the right customers – the ones who are already interested in your product or services. Customers come for the content and stay for the product, and then eventually return for more. It’s an organic process…just like a butterfly garden. And your success will be just as beautiful to watch.