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Drive more traffic. Capture more leads. Communicate more effectively. Close more business.

Started in 2000 as an email marketing agency doing custom email marketing and newsletters for all types of clients including Juniper Networks, Rosen Hotels, The Beach Company, and Upstate Alliance. We can work with any type of organization.

We have now grown to offer:

  • Custom WordPress Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Custom Email Marketing
  • Analytics Tracking

We use these tools in a methodology to attract our clients’ ideal prospects, bring them to their website, capture their contact information by offering free educational materials, white papers, or “how to” information. And then use “educational marketing” techniques to teach them about our clients’ products and services. The end-goal being to close more business for our clients.

Custom WordPress Web Design and Development             

Search Engine Optimization – Organic

Search Google for “garage builders Greenville SC” – Garages Plus comes to top of organic search

Custom Email Marketing

Content Creation

Newsletters, Blog posts, Article creation, Facebook entries, etc. Google loves fresh content!

Google Agency Partner – Pay per click and analytics