Business Email Marketing

The best way to automate your business marketing efforts!

Hands down email marketing is the number one way for your business to stay in front of your customers and get in front of new prospects. It provides a targeted branding impression and a track-ability that is unavailable in any other marketing medium. Plus, email marketing is 5X more effective than direct mail!

If your business is communicating regularly with customers and prospects using direct mail, mass fax, newsletters, regular e-mail or even using the phone, then your business needs a complete email marketing solution! There is no marketing method with a higher ROI.

Our staff will consult with you to determine your target audience, and design a complete email marketing strategy, complete with a plan for execution. Whether it’s broadcast email or newsletter design to list building and maintenance, CAN-SPAM compliance, deliverability consulting or tracking via our Internet based system, we offer any and all pieces to complete your email marketing puzzle.

When is the last time you went to a trade show, received the list of email addresses and were able to properly follow up? We provide your business with the proper e-mail marketing tools to be able to touch every prospect at that convention. Not only that, but you can see who has opened what and which links they clicked on!

Are you spending tens of thousands of dollars on brochures or CD ROM demos, only to have them glanced at and then thrown away?

Touchmailerâ„¢ for Corporations (Business email marketing) is the solution you’ve been looking for. Reach your customers and prospects right through their email inbox, including your branding, links to your website, digital brochures, links to online demos, surveys, whatever you need to educate your customers and prospects about your products and services for pennies per contact.

For more information about email marketing for your business feel free to contact us.